We were excited when our very own Peter van Rijssen was on the June 2022 cover of Nursery Management magazine. He and Concept Plants were the featured profile story titled  ‘Exponential Enthusiasm.’  Imagine our surprise and delight when GIE Media repeated the piece, but in the October issue of Greenhouse Management magazine. We certainly appreciate the additional exposure for Concept Plants and our plant introductions.

Both stories featured a picture of Peter holding Fireworks Agapanthus which is from de Wet breeders. De Wet are specifically known for their Agapanthus breeding, including those Agapanthus listed below. However, you might not know that they are also the breeders behind the Safari Sunrise Aloe series and Magic Mona Purple Plectranthus. De Wet breeding is available through Concept Plants grower networks.

Agapanthus Blue Thunder ('SDB002') PP30,164
Agapanthus Ever Amethyst ('MP003') PP30,163
Agapanthus hybrid Ever Sapphire ('Andbin') PP26,336
Agapanthus hybrid Ever White ('WP001') PP27,357
Agapanthus Fireworks ('MDB001') PP30,162
Agapanthus hybrid Twister ('AMBIC001') PP 25,519