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Geranium 'Mary Anne' PP34,576

  • Geranium Mary-Anne
  • Geranium Mary-Anne
  • Geranium Mary-Anne
  • Geranium Mary-Anne


Let’s warmly welcome the newest sister in Anne’s Family: Geranium Mary-Anne. This beautiful Geranium has intense purple flowers with striking dark purple veins. The flower power is similar to Rozanne’s and she flowers from late spring to the first frost. Partly because of this long flowering period, Mary-Anne is valuable for biodiversity.

Like her sister Kelly-Anne, Mary-Anne has a high resistance to diseases, heat and humidity. Making her not only beautiful but very resilient as well! Her neat, mounding and compact growth habit make her ideally suited as ground cover in perennial borders, rock gardens, mass planting or containers.

How to care for Geranium Mary-Anne:
Plant Mary-Anne in full sun or semi-shade in moist, well-drained soil. She requires little maintenance.

USDA zone: 6b

Key Points

1 Long flowering period
2 Same flower power as Rozanne
3 Very resilient
4 Low maintenance
5 Great for biodiversity
Breeder: MLTR Breeding