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Geranium 'Kelly Anne' PP34,128

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  • Geranium-Kelly Anne_Close up flower
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Geranium Kelly-Anne has bright pink flowers with a darker pink vein. The flowering power is similar to Rozanne's and the flowering period is very long: from late spring to the first frost. Partly because of this long flowering period, Kelly-Anne is valuable for biodiversity. Kelly-Anne forms a neat, compact plant and is well resistant to diseases, heat and moisture. Plant Kelly-Anne in full sun or semi-shade in a moist, well-drained soil. This Geranium is a beautiful addition in the perennial border and in the rock garden. Also very suitable for mass planting or for a pot on balcony or terrace. Kelly-Anne requires little maintenance and is hardy from USDA 4-7.

USDA zone: 4a

Key Points

1 Bright pink flowers with darker veins
2 Long flowering period
3 Neat mounding and compact habit
4 Low maintenance
5 Attracts pollinators
Breeder: MLTR Breeding