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Geranium hybrid Dreamland ('Bremdream') PP24,624

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The quest for the perfect Geranium can cease. It is found by Alan Bremner as a seedling in 1996. Dreamland has large light pink flowers. An extremely long flowering period from early summer to frost. Dreamland is a creeper Geranium and is up to 20" high. Dreamland stands preferably in full sun or half shade and is hardy to -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Very suitable for public green, as a garden plant or on the terrace in a pot.

USDA zone: 5a

Key Points

1 Large soft pink flowers
2 Reblooming
3 Fast growing
4 Low maintenance easy care
5 Disease tolerant


Geranium hybrid Dreamland winner of:
  • Bronze Medal Plantarium 2012
    Bronze Medal Plantarium 2012
Breeder: Alan Bremner

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