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Echinacea Pretty Parasols ('JS Engeltje') PP31,675



The flowers of Echinacea Pretty Parasols look just like lovely parasols indeed. It just gives you that holiday feeling! And for good reason as Pretty Parasols is easy to look after. This perennial is low maintenance and has high endurance in wind, cold, heat and sun. Pretty Parasols has strong stems and does not flop. It has a long and rich flowering period from July until November. The flowers appear one after another, so they do not open all at the same time and they do appear at different heights which gives a ‘wild’ look. There are multiple flowers on one stem. Echinacea Pretty Parasols becomes about 36" tall and 20" wide and is great for landscaping, perennial borders and in pots on balcony or terrace.

USDA zone: 5b

Key Points

1 Strong stems
2 Upright growth doesnt flop
3 Rich and long flowering
4 Multiple flowers on one stem
5 High endurance in wind cold heat and sun