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Carex oshimensis EverColor® 'Everoro' PP23,406

Ornamental grasses
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A fresh breeze is blowing through your garden. It gives you energy! It boosts your mood! That’s Carex EverColor® 'Everoro’! Carex ‘Everoro’ is a superb ground cover and container plant with distinctive deep golden striped foliage. It is an improvement in depth of color on the popular Evergold. It forms a neat easily controlled mound. ‘Everoro’ is superb for living walls, mixed containers, roof gardens and edges. It is easy to grow and hardly requires maintenance. Plant ‘Everoro’ in moist, permeable soil. It grows well in sun, partial shade and shade. This Carex is winter hardy to USDA Zone 5b. It reaches a height and width of 20". ‘Everoro’ is a great, bright accent plant for all year round arrangements.

USDA zone: 5b

Key Points

1 Evergreen
2 Year round saleable
3 Deer resistant
4 Low maintenance
5 Ever easy
Breeder: Fitzgerald Nurseries ltd.