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Buddleja High Five Purple ('PODCEPT1') PP30,285

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Whether up high or down low, gardeners will be shouting, “Give me five”, after getting their green thumbs on High Five Purple Buddleja. They’ll be celebrating this colorful addition to their landscape for several reasons. First, it is a dense plant, just covered in plump flower spikes bursting with double, purple flowers. Secondly, the long panicles of flowers appear spring through fall and will also attract butterflies and beneficial insects (if they could high-five with wings they would). Third, it is considered non-invasive as it produces little to no seed and if any seed does appear, it doesn’t sprout. Last but not least, Butterfly Bush are easy to grow; they are happiest if planted in full sun, in a moist, well-drained soil (they don’t like wet feet!). This Buddleja is multi-talented and can be utilized in a variety of ways in the landscape. Just imagine it in a container on the terrace, balcony or patio or planted in the garden as a single plant or in groupings. If one is good, more is even better; High Five Purple is the first in a series of Buddleja with more flower colour choices to be introduced in the future. So, what do you say? Give me a ‘High Five’ today!

USDA zone: 6a

Key Points

1 Abundant flowering
2 Double nd single flowers
3 Very large long flowers
4 Upright habit
5 Low maintenance
Breeder: Peter Podaras