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Semponium 'Sienna' PP34,201

  • Semponium Sienna
  • Semponium Sienna
  • Semponium Sienna
  • Semponium Sienna


Semponium ‘Sienna’ is a ground breaking intergeneric crossing between Aeonium and Sempervivum. It is the first officially recognized cross between these genera.

Semponium ‘Sienna’ has a spectacular colour change: bright red from spring to autumn, green-purple in autumn to early winter and dark burgundy red in late winter. ‘Sienna’ has a compact size and grows up to about 16" high and 16" wide. It grows to a beautiful dense, conical plant as the plant matures. One head produces an average of 12 offsets. The rosettes are large and strong, the leaves are thick, sturdy and glossy.

How to care for Semponium ‘Sienna’:
Overall, ‘Sienna’ is a very robust plant which is a great addition to any garden, rock garden, balcony or terrace. Place ‘Sienna’ in the sun to semi-shade in a well-drained soil.

USDA zone: 9b

Key Points

1 First official intergeneric crossing
2 Spectacular color change
3 Compact size very dense
4 Large strong rosettes
5 Thick sturdy glossy leaves
Breeder: Surreal Succulents