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Sempervivum Colorockz™ Blushing Garnet ('Belsemmag2') PP35,616

  • Sempervivum Blushing Garnet
  • Sempervivum Blushing Garnet
  • Sempervivum Blushing Garnet
  • Sempervivum Blushing Garnet


Dark burgundy red, near-black rosettes set the tone for the latest discovery by Belgicactus: Sempervivum Colorockz™ Blushing Garnet. The near-black rosette creates a breath-taking contrast with the fiery red young leaves. Colorockz™ Blushing Garnet blushes with soft rose-red colors in summer, contrasted by green accents, while in winter, it’ll surprise with red-purple rosettes with green accents.

Colorockz™ Blushing Garnet has a good amount of large rosettes, but remains compact. Its low growth habit makes it ideally suited for ground cover and considering how well-branched it is, it will cover those borders in no time. Colorockz™ Blushing Garnet is selected for its strong rooting system and spectacular outdoor performance: perfectly suited for pots and mixed containers.

How to care for Sempervivum Colorockz™ Blushing Garnet:
Colorockz™ Blushing Garnet is evergreen, water-wise, drought-tolerant and very easy to look after. He will grow up to 4" high and 6" wide, thrives in sandy, well-drained soil and will feel at his best in the sun or partial shade.

USDA zone: 4a

Key Points

1 Large rosettes
2 Good amount of rosettes
3 Compact low growth
4 Strong rooting system
5 Excellent outdoor performance
Breeder: Belgicactus bvba