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Lavandula intermedia Sensational! ('Tesseract') PP31,786

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A true sensation: Lavandula Sensational! This lavender has broad, thick, bright silver leaves. The flowers are sensationally large (4") and intense purple on densely flowered spikes. Sensational! flowers abundantly from Summer to Autumn. It has a very long blooming season because it re-blooms. Sensational! has a compact, upright habit and forms a well-branched plant of about 24” high and wide. It has high tolerance to leaf spotting and root disease. On top of this all, it has a very nice floral fragrance. Plant Sensational! in full sun in any, well-drained soil. Lavandula Sensational! is a great addition to the perennial border, the rock garden or in a pot on terrace or balcony. It is also great for landscaping and mass planting. Because of the strong flower stems it can also be used for fresh or dry cut flowers.

USDA zone: 5b

Key Points

1 Very large intense purple flowers
2 Well-branched plant
3 Re-blooming long flowering period
4 High tolerance to leaf spotting and root disease
5 Nice floral fragrance
Breeder: Peace Tree Farm