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Lavandula angustifolia Big Time White ('Zanlacub') PPAF

  • Lavandula Big Time White
  • Lavandula Big Time White
  • Lavandula Big Time White
  • Lavandula Big Time White


When it comes to Lavandula, few can match the elegance, resilience, and low maintenance of Lavandula Big Time White. Big Time White is the sophisticated white-flowering sister of the renowned Big Time Blue Lavandula. It boasts an abundance of pristine white flowers that bring a serene beauty to any landscape, carried on strong flower stems that prevent flopping.

Despite its impressive show of flowers, Lavandula Big Time White remains a compact-sized plant. A single pinch is recommended to help maintain its shape, making it an excellent choice for spaces where room is at a premium but impact is desired. The strength of Lavandula Big Time White isn't just in its visual appeal; this plant boasts a strong root system, ensuring it stands tall and healthy without much fuss. Moreover, it's not sensitive to common leaf or root diseases that afflict other plants, making it a worry-free, pollinator-friendly option for gardens, borders, low hedges, mass plantings and containers.

How to care for Lavandula Big Time White:
Lavandula Big Time White is winter hardy, drought resistant and heat resistant and hardy to zone 5-8. Big Time White remains compact and will grow up to 20” high and 30” wide with an upright, strong, dense habit. Plant in well-drained soil in (full) sun.

USDA zone: 5a

Key Points

1 White-flowering sister of Big Time Blue
2 Large and numerous flowers
3 Compact sized plant
4 Strong flower stems and root system
5 Not sensitive to diseases
Breeder: Van Zanten Breeding BV