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Hydrangea macrophylla Peppermint ('RIE13') PP18,476

  • Hydrangea-Peppermint_Flower
  • Hydrangea-Peppermint_Flower
  • Hydrangea-Peppermint_Garden
  • Hydrangea-Peppermint_Garden


A beautiful new, bicolored Hydrangea. Peppermint is a very rich and free-flowering Hydrangea. Suitable for garden, balcony and patio. 

Peppermint prefers a light place but no direct sunlight. Hydrangea should always be watered richly.

USDA zone: 6b

Key Points

1 Bicolored flowers
2 Prolific flowering
3 Flowers on new old wood
4 Easy pink easy blue
5 Bushy habit
Breeder: R. Irie