Deutzia Raspberry Sundae (‘Low 18’) PP30,793



Deutzia Raspberry Sundae is a beauty for the garden. The colours are more bright than those of other Deutzia. Raspberry Sundae gives also larger flowers and flowers along the whole branch. Blooms with pink-purple flowers from mid spring to midsummer. This Deutzia branches easily and gives a nice plant. Raspberry Sundae is easy to grow and requires little maintenance. Plant Raspberry Sundae in the sun or partial shade in a fertile, moist but well-drained soil. It becomes approx. 1.20 m high and wide. The flowers are slightly scented and attract bees and butterflies. Very suitable for in the shrub border or as a solitary on terrace or patio.

USDA zone: 7b

Key Points

Very bright and intense flower color
Large flowers along the entire branch
Easy branching
Easy to grow
Low maintenance

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