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Curio 'Mount Everest' PP22,188

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  • Senecio-Mount Everest_General
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Senecio ‘Mount Everest’ has a very neat, uniform and upright growth. It becomes approx. 16-20” high and 6” wide. The blue-grey foliage is broad and flat and has a waxy, smooth coating. ‘Mount Everest’ is heat- en drought tolerant. It is an excellent plant for the terrace or balcony, for the rock garden or as an indoor plant. ‘Mount Everest’ prefers a spot in the sun but partial shade is also a possibility. Plant in a well-drained soil. ‘Mount Everest’ is heat- and drought tolerant.

USDA zone: 9b

Key Points

1 Uniform neat upright growth
2 Broad flat blue-grey leaves
3 Waxy smooth coating
4 Heat- and drought tolerant
Breeder: Koning & Koning B.V.