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Carex oshimensis EverColor® 'Everdi' PP25,086

Ornamental grasses
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EverColor® 'Everdi' is the new, compact, soft green Carex oshimensis. 'Everdi' is an evergreen that flowers rich from May to July and is very hardy to USDA Zone 5b. 'Everdi' is multi-applicable: in green walls, green roofs, as ground cover, perennials in a mixed border or in a container on the patio. Plant max. 9 per m². 'Everdi' has no specific demands on the soil type. 'Everdi' can be planted in the shade or full sun. 'Everdi' combines fantastic with the other EverColor ® varieties.

USDA zone: 5b

Key Points

1 Evergreen
2 Year round saleable
3 Deer resistant
4 Low maintenance
5 Ever easy
Breeder: Fitzgerald Nurseries ltd.