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Agapanthus Fireworks ('MDB001') PP30,162



With Agapanthus Fireworks, you have indeed firework in the garden! Look at those large umbels! The umbels have pendulous, bi-colored flowers in blue and white. Fireworks flowers abundantly in summer. It forms a neat, compact plant that becomes about 30" tall and 18" wide. The foliage is short and broad. Plant Fireworks in the full sun in a well-drained soil. It is an excellent perennial for in the border, for on the balcony or terrace or for in mixed containers. Resistant to crown rot (Erwinia).

USDA zone: 9a

Key Points

1 Large umbel with pendulous flowers
2 Pendulous bi-colored blue-white flowers
3 Neat compact plant
4 Short broad foliage
5 Resistant to crown rot


Agapanthus Fireworks winner of:
  • AGM
  • HTA New Plants Award 2019
    AGM HTA New Plants Award 2019