Weigela florida ‘Wings of Fire’ PP#21,920



Wings of Fire is developed out of an experiment by Henny Kolster from Boskoop. Out of curiosity he has collected seed from different types of Weigela. From this seed many different forms developed, sometimes even caricatures! After a number of selection rounds he has selected Weigela Wings of Fire as the best. This because it does not become too high: about 59" after 4 years. The leaf colour is throughout the year the most interesting feature. In spring, the leaves are green and soon there comes a bronze hue on them. During summer this soon turns to a red glow.  In the autumn this gives a splendid wine red autumn color. Wings of Fire is very well applicable as border plantings or in public green or as a terrace plant in an ornamental pot. Wings of Fire is hardy to USDA zone 4. 

USDA zone: 4a-4b

Key Points

Fancy foliage
Pink flowers
Fast growing
Low maintenance
Well branching


Weigela florida Wings of Fire winner of:
  • KVBC Award Bronze
    Logo of Weigela Wings of Fire

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