Veronica hybrid Baby Bloomer Blue (‘Baby Bomb’) PP25,901



Veronica Baby Boomer Blue has great, deep violet-blue flowers from late spring until autumn. It has a compact, upright growth and becomes about 14” tall and 12” wide. It is longer flowering and more floriferous than other varieties and bees and birds are crazy about it. So it’s great for biodiversity! Above that, Baby Boomer Blue is very hardy and requires little maintenance. Just remove dead flower spikes and it will rebloom. Plant Baby Boomer Blue in the sun or partial shade in any moist, well-drained garden soil. Great for perennial borders, mass planting, as ground cover or in containers on balcony or terrace.

USDA zone: 4b

Key Points

Compact, upright growth
Deep violet-blue flowers
Strong stems
Attracts bees and birds
Longer flowering and more floriferous

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