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Thuja occidentalis Sunny Smaragd ('Hoogi023') PP29,652

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Thuja occidentalis Sunny Smaragd stands out in the Thuja range as a result of its wonderful bright yellow color and upright, pyramid-shaped habit. This Thuja does not suffer from sunburn and can therefore be placed in a sunny or semi-shaded spot. Thuja Sunny Smaragd is also easy to grow in pots. Compared to Thuja Golden Smaragd, the color is more warm yellow and Sunny Smaragd grows faster.

USDA zone: 4a

Key Points

1 Beautiful bright yellow color
2 Upright pyramid-shaped habit
3 No sunburn
4 Faster growth than Golden Smaragd


Thuja occidentalis Sunny Smaragd winner of:
  • Gold Medal Gardenia 2019
    Gold Medal Gardenia 2019
Breeder: Handelskwekerij G. Hoogenraad B.V.