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Syringa meyeri Flowerfesta Pink ('ANNY2013-18') PP32,908

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  • Syringa-Flowerfesta Pink_Patio


Dwarf lilac is the common name of Syringa meyeri Flowerfesta Pink. The name says it all: this attractive shrub stays compact to just 50" high. An excellent plant for small gardens and balconies! Flowerfesta Pink produces an abundance of pink flower panicles. Its panicles are larger than other Syringa meyeri-varieties. Flowerfesta Pink is repeat blooming: it flowers in early summer and again in autumn! Its flowers spread a lovely, sweet fragrance. Plant Flowerfesta Pink in well-drained soil in (full) sun or partial shade. Prune after flowering. This shrub works great as a solitary in small gardens and balconies, but is also suitable for mass planting and plant borders. Syringa Flowerfesta is a series of three attractive colors: pink, white and purple. A real feast of flowers in your garden!

USDA zone: 5b

Key Points

1 Abundant flowering
2 Compact habit
3 Reblooming
4 Fragrant flowers
5 Very winter hardy
Breeder: André van Nijnatten en Zonen vof