Sedum takesimense Atlantis™ (‘Nonsitnal’) PP27,454



Sedum Atlantis shows a fascinating combination of colours: green leaves with cream-coloured edges, pink flower buds, cherry red leaf buds and yellow flowers in summer. The foliage retains its colour during the summer and autumn. Atlantis has a dense growth and remains low until about 4-6" high and 18"cm wide. Plant Atlantis in an average to dry soil that is well-drained. Atlantis stands preferably in full sun but also tolerates partial shade. It is a beautiful plant for in, for example, the rock garden, for green roofs, as a ground cover or in a container on terrace or balcony. Heat resistant, drought resistant, humidity resistant, disease free, so the ideal plant for everyone!

USDA zone: 4b

Key Points

Fancy variegated foliage
Early and long flowering
Pollinator friendly
Dwarf habit, ideal for all spaces
Carefree, easy gardening


Sedum takesimense Atlantis™ winner of:
  • Chelsea Plant of the Year 2019
  • Silver Medal Plantarium 2019
    Sedum Atlantis™ on patio Sedum Atlantis™ on patio

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