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Schizachyrium scoparium ('Chameleon') PP31,339



Schizachyrium ‘Chameleon’ has multi-colored, showy foliage during the season: green-white striped variegated foliage in spring and early summer that changes to pink and purple (that explains the name!) in late summer and autumn. ‘Chameleon’ flowers in autumn with burgundy-red flowers. The habit is compact, upright and dense. ‘Chameleon’ grows up to about 40” tall and 20” wide. It is a colorful plant for borders, prairie gardens or mixed plantings that demands hardly any maintenance, is drought tolerant and very hardy. Plant ‘Chameleon’ in full sun in a well-drained soil. This beauty can be cut back in late winter or early spring.

USDA zone: 4a

Key Points

1 Compact upright tight growth
2 A colorful plant for borders
3 Low maintenance
4 Drought-tolerant
5 Very winter hardy