Sambucus nigra Golden Tower (‘Jandeboer001’) PP28,957



You can guess from its name what makes this Sambucus nigra so special. Sambucus nigra Golden Tower has an elegant, narrow upright growth. This elderberry also features showy, yellow-green foliage. Its color is like gold glistening in the sun! The leaves have a gorgeous, deeply incised shape. Pretty, white flower clusters appear in summer. Golden Tower requires very little maintenance. Place the plant in moist, humus-rich soil in partial shade. It can withstand cold weather conditions up to USDA zone 6b. Golden Tower reaches a height of 118" and a width of 28". Its slender shape makes it a great shrub for small and large gardens. Very suitable as solitary, mixed with other plants in a container or in a shrub border in your garden. It is also an excellent plant for landscaping. Golden Tower adds height and color to your garden!

USDA zone: 6b

Key Points

Upright habit
Yellow-green, deeply incised leaves
Low maintenance


Sambucus nigra Golden Tower winner of:
  • Bronze Medal Plantarium 2015
    Sambucus Golden Tower on patio

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