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Prunus laurocerasus Greenfinity ('Jong2') PP29,890

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Prunus Greenfinity is a great evergreen shrub that is very winterhardy. The hardiness is tested in Hungary, where the breeder originates from. Greenfinity has a compact, very bushy habit and grows to approx. 60” tall and 47” wide. The foliage is healthy and shiny green with light lime-green new shoots. Plant Greenfinity in the sun or semi-shade in a fertile, moist but well-drained soil. It is easy to prune, preferably in spring or summer. This Prunus is great for mass planting, landscaping, hedges and as a specimen.

USDA zone: 5a

Key Points

1 Winter hardy
2 Compact very bushy habit
3 Healthy green shiny leaves
4 Perfect for mass planting and hedges
5 Easy to prune
Breeder: Kees de Jong