Penstemon Purple Perfection (‘Pmoore14’) PP27,315



This new Penstemon was created to perfection by the famous Peter Moore. We are excited about Penstemon Purple Perfection. No doubt you will too! Penstemon Purple Perfection has big flower clusters that bloom abundantly from early summer to autumn. You will love its magnificent purple-blue flower color. Prune after its first blooming period and it will be happy to bloom again! Purple Perfection has darker foliage than other Penstemon varieties, which perfectly matches its bright-coloured flowers. This variety is a cross between barbatus x heterophyllus. It grows to 12" high and 16" wide. Purple Perfection has a compact and bushy growth habit. Excellent for containers on your balcony or terrace. Also suitable for perennial borders, mass planting, combined planting and rock gardens. Penstemon will thrive in full sun in well-drained soil. And have I mentioned that Purple Perfection is easy to grow and winter hardy to USDA zone 6a Celsius?

USDA zone: 6a

Key Points

Abundant flowering with very big flower clusters
Bi-coloured flowers
Reblooming after pruning
Strong, bushy habit
Crossing barbatus x heterophyllus

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