Magnolia figo ‘Stellar Ruby’ PP29,778



Magnolia Stellar Ruby is a wonderful shrub with its narrow, pyramidal growth habit and dense foliage. This evergreen flowers from early spring to early summer and reblooms again in summer. The flowers are fragrant and beautiful ruby coloured. Stellar Ruby has a vigorous growth and fast footing and is easy to propagate. It flowers on plants that are young in age and is more hardy than comparable varieties. Plant Stellar Ruby in full or partial sun in a fertile, moist but well-drained soil. Pruning is possible but not necessary. After 10 years, Stellar Ruby reaches a height of 13’ and a width of 60”.

USDA zone: 7b

Key Points

Narrow, pyramidal growth habit and dense foliage
Abundant flowering with ruby-coloured flowers
Rebloom in summer
Blooms on plants that are young in age
Easy to propagate

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