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Lagerstroemia indica Mighty Myrtles Virgin ('Milabla') PP26,876

  • Lagerstroemia-Virgin_Flower


Mighty Myrtles Virgin has pure white flowers and dark green foliage. It flowers long and prolifically, from mid-summer to late autumn. Virgin is a real eye catcher with its bushy growth habit and compact size of 24" high and 16" wide. A great item for shrub borders, on terraces and patios and in mixed containers. This variety prefers full sun and moist, rich and well-drained soil. Virgin is easy to maintain and strong. Bees and butterflies also can’t resist its beautiful, white flowers! Virgin is part of the Mighty Myrtles-series: also check out the other four bright colors!

USDA zone: 7a

Key Points

1 Easy to grow
2 Flowers abundantly
3 Compact habit
4 Hardy
5 Magnet for bees butterflies
Breeder: Piero Frangi