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Lagerstroemia indica Mighty Myrtles Eternal ('Milavio') PP26,877

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Mighty Myrtles Eternal has purple flowers with dark green foliage. You will like its long flowering period: Eternal flowers abundantly from mid-summer to late autumn. Eternal also stands out because of its bushy growth habit and its unique, compact size of 24" high and 16" wide. Perfect for containers on terrace or patio, shrub borders or in mixed containers with other plants. Plant this petite Lagerstroemia in full sun in moist, rich and well-drained soil. Eternal is easy to maintain. Bees and butterflies love snacking on the lovely, purple flowers of Mighty Myrtles Eternal! Eternal is part of the Lagerstroemia indica Mighty Myrtles-series. Enjoy the bright & beautiful colors of these five compact varieties!

USDA zone: 7a

Key Points

1 Easy to grow
2 Flowers abundantly
3 Compact habit
4 Hardy
5 Magnet for bees butterflies


Lagerstroemia indica Mighty Myrtles Eternal winner of:
  • Silver Medal Plantarium 2015
    Silver Medal Plantarium 2015
Breeder: Piero Frangi