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Juniperus Lemon Pfizz ('Nedsyelo') PP 20,489

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  • Juniperus-Lemon Pfizz_Foliage
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  • Juniperus-Lemon Pfizz_General
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Juniperus Lemon Pfizz is a great conifer that is more compact and more brightly coloured than comparable varieties. Lemon Pfizz has a low, spreading habit and is densely branched. The lemon-yellow color stays throughout the year. Lemon Pfizz does not burn in full sun and is resistant against hot and cold temperatures as well as against drought. It is also resistant against tip blight. All these features make it an excellent conifer for mass plantings. After 10 years, Lemon Pfizz will reach a height of about 28" and a width of about 47". Plant Lemon Pfizz in the sun or semi-shade in a well-drained soil and you will enjoy this bright eye catcher for a long time!

USDA zone: 5b

Key Points

1 Low spreading habit
2 Densely branched
3 Bright yellow color throughout the year
4 Does not burn in full sun
5 Resistant against tip blight
Breeder: Nellie Rader