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Hydrangea paniculata Love-a-Lot ('Bokopiav') PP34,543

  • Hydrangea Love-a-Lot
  • Hydrangea Love-a-Lot
  • Hydrangea Love-a-Lot
  • Hydrangea Love-a-Lot


Hydrangea Love-a-Lot stands out among the many varieties available with its outstanding color change from greenish white to pure white to intense pink in autumn. The flower panicles of Hydrangea Love-a-Lot are large and dense, creating a stunning visual impact. The flowers are tightly packed together, giving the plant a full and lush appearance.

One of the key features of Hydrangea Love-a-Lot is its compact habit. This makes it an excellent choice for smaller gardens or containers, as it only takes up a little space. Despite its compact size, it produces an impressive display of flowers. Hydrangea Love-a-Lot has strong stems that can support the weight of many flower stems, resulting in a profusion of blooms. This means that the plant remains upright and does not flop over, even when in full bloom.

How to care for Hydrangea Love-a-Lot:
Hydrangea Love-a-Lot is very winter hardy up to USDA zone 5-8. It can withstand harsh conditions and still produce a beautiful display of flowers year after year. Love-a-Lot is worry-free and can thrive in hot and humid climates: a stunning, easy-to-grow variety.

USDA zone: 5a

Key Points

1 Outstanding color change
2 Compact plant habit
3 Large dense flower panicles
4 Strong stems no flopping
5 Large number of flower stems
Breeder: Peter Kolster