Hydrangea paniculata Confetti (‘Vlasveld002’) PP26,582



Every day balloons and party banners? That might be a bit over the top. But every day Confetti? Why not? With Hydrangea paniculata Confetti it’s a party every day! Confetti has lightly scented flowers with a beautiful, fine flower structure. Its flower panicles are a playful mix of white and pink with slightly green on top. Confetti blooms from early summer to late autumn. This hydrangea is compact (47" high, 30" wide) with a bushy growth habit and strong branches. Its compact shape makes Confetti perfect for small containers on terraces and balconies. Confetti also adds a decorative effect to borders, mass planting and combined with other plants. It grows well in sun or partial shade in any type of soil. Confetti is hardy to USDA zone 4a.

USDA zone: 4a

Key Points

Bright white flowers with green, pointed panicles
Flowers colour from white to pink
Decorative colours
Bushy growth habit
Perfect for small containers

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