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Hydrangea anomala petiolaris 'Silver Lining' PP25,075

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Hydrangea Silver Lining is the new trendy climbing hydrangea. Throughout the year he shows his beautiful, silver-drawn leaves. Silver Lining fits beautifully on the terrace in a trendy pot, but fits also fine against the wall. In the beginning, Silver Lining can best be led: divide the shoots on the wall and fasten them. Later Silver Lining does no longer needs to be led because he attaches himself to any wall. Hardy to USDA zone 4a. In the summer, he makes great white flowers to lure insects. Grows well on all types of soil. Easy to maintain. Width or height can be pruned in summer after flowering or in winter to adapt Silver Lining to the circumstances in which the Silver Lining grows. Silver Lining can be planted in full sun, or semi shade. With Silver Lining you get a real trendy garden!

USDA zone: 4a

Key Points

1 Striking silvery variegated foliage
2 Stable variegation
3 Hardy to USDA zone 4a
Breeder: Huisman Boomkwekerij B.V.