Gaultheria procumbens Peppermint Pearl (‘SpecGP11’) PP27,170



An enchanting plant with berries as white as pearls. With a name that originated in history. Gaultheria procumbens Peppermint Pearl was named after Jean-Francois Gaultier, a friendly botanist from the 18th century. Driven by his passion for plants, he travelled the whole world to find special plants. Peppermint Pearl certainly is a special plant! Have you ever seen a Gaultheria procumbens with such large, white berries? During bleak autumn and winter days, Peppermint Pearl will cheer up your house and garden. In summer, serene and white flowers will appear. Peppermint Pearl is an evergreen plant, winter hardy to USDA zone 4a. It has a compact size of 6" high and 12" wide. It is a perfect plant for indoor and outdoor use. It prefers acid soil and partial shade. Did you know Gaultheria procumbens is a multi-functional plant? Its berries have been used for ice-cream, candy, tea, jam and aromatic oils: you’ll be surprised!

USDA zone: 4a

Key Points

Abundant flowering
Large, white berries
Very winterhardy


Gaultheria procumbens Peppermint Pearl winner of:
  • Gold Medal GrootGroenPlus 2016
  • Best Novelty GrootGroenPlus 2016
    Gaultheria Peppermint Pearl on patio

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