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Dietes bicolor Milky Way ('DBV001') PP35,739

  • Dietes Milky Way
  • Dietes Milky Way
  • Dietes Milky Way
  • Dietes Milky Way


Looking to add some beauty and a Mediterranean atmosphere to your garden? Look no further than Dietes bicolor Milky Way, an amazing plant with unique variegated leaves, a clumping habit and in warmer climates yellow blooms. The variegated foliage adds an extra layer of visual interest to the landscape, and the combination of colors creates a striking contrast. It brings stunning aesthetics to the landscape in warm climates and offers a range of benefits that make it a top choice for both seasoned and beginners.

One of the standout features of this plant is its ability to thrive in even the hottest conditions. Milky Way doesn't burn in full sun, unlike other plants that wither in the scorching heat. Its drought- and heat-resistant nature makes it perfect for Mediterranean landscapes or warm climates. A tough, low-maintenance, water-saving plant that requires minimal care and attention. Ideal for warmer climates and Mediterranean gardens, plant pots, containers, perennial borders, mass planting and ground cover.

How to care for Dietes Milky Way:
Milky Way grows up to 32" high and 20" wide and has a clumping habit and long, slender, upright leaves, which creates an elegant look wherever you choose to place it. Milky Way thrives in full sun and semi-shade, and prefers a spot in well-drained soil. In colder climates it will need protection in the winter, making it more suitable as a patio plant.

USDA zone: 9a

Key Points

1 Doesnt burn In full sun
2 Good pot and garden performance
3 Drought- and heat-resistant
4 Variegated foliage
5 Low maintenance and low water requirement
Breeder: De Wet Plant Breeders