Dianthus Falling in Love Rosie (‘PG-072’) PP32,474



Dianthus Falling in Love Rosie hardly needs further explanation: this is indeed one to fall in love with! Falling in Love Rosie has a compact, low, dense habit and does not fall open during the seasons. Therefore, it forms a beautiful flower mat. The flowers are large and bright pink and even have a light scent. The flower color combines nicely with the grey-green foliage. It gives continuously lots of flowers so there is a lot to love! Plant Falling in Love Rosie in full sun in an average but well-drained, fertile soil. This Dianthus grows up to 2” tall and 12” wide. It attracts bees and butterflies and is a great addition to any border, balcony or terrace. Because of its habit is it also very suitable for mass planting.

Key Points

Compact, low, dense habit
Forming a flower mat
Large flowers with a light scent
Bright pink flowers over grey-green foliage
Continuous flowering
"Breeding for Better Varieties"

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