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Coreopsis rosea Twinklebells Pink ('URITW02') PP29,115

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  • Coreopsis-Twinklebells Pink_Close up flower
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It’s a clear, dark night. You can see the reflection of thousands of twinkling stars in your garden. But wait…it’s not stars what we’re seeing! It’s Coreopsis rosea Twinklebells® Pink! Coreopsis Twinklebells® Pink flowers extremely rich with masses of bright, pink flowers. Its flowering period is exceptionally long. From early summer to early winter, you can see this new Coreopsis sparkle in your garden!
Twinklebells® Pink has a compact, bushy habit. Its height is 12” and its width 8”. Its flowers have a fine structure. This gives a very playful and decorative effect in your garden. Twinklebells® Pink is excellent as a solitary on your terrace or patio. It’s also suitable for mixed planting and perennial borders. This Coreopsis loves a sunny spot in your garden. Plant it in normal, sandy or clay soil. Twinklebells® Pink is disease tolerant, survives winters to USDA Zone 7a and is very easy to maintain. Let your garden sparkle and shine with Coreopsis rosea Twinklebells® Pink!

USDA zone: 7a

Key Points

1 Abundant flowering with fine flowers
2 Bright flower color
3 Continuous blooming
4 Disease-tolerant
5 Compact bushy habit