Caryopteris clandonensis Blue Empire (‘Elst01’) PP30,494



Big, Blue & Beautiful! That’s the motto of this stunning, new Caryopteris Blue Empire! Blue Empire produces blue flowers that are strikingly bigger than other Caryopteris varieties. Its intense blue flowers combine beautifully with its green, light grey leaves. Blue Empire also stands out for its fast growth and bushy habit. No wonder this blue beard won a KVBC Award Bronze! Blue Empire prefers a location in full sun, in well-drained and fertile soil. Roots are winter hardy to USDA Zone 5, top growth is hardy to USDA Zone 7. It reaches a height of 40" and a width of 24". Blue Empire is perfect as solitary on balcony or patio, in perennial borders, and in mixed containers. Bees and butterflies love the gigantic flowers of Blue Empire!

USDA zone: 5a

Key Points

Big flowers
Dark blue flowers
Bushy growth habit
Fast growth
Attracts bees & butterflies


Caryopteris clandonensis Blue Empire winner of:
  • Bronze Medal GrootGroenPlus 2014
  • KVBC Award Bronze
    Caryopteris Blue Empire on patio Caryopteris Blue Empire on patio

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