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Camellia sasanque 'Fall Fantasy' PP29,734

  • Camellia Fall Fantasy
  • Camellia Fall Fantasy


If you want to add a burst of vibrant color to the assortment, look no further than the Camellia ‘Fall Fantasy’. This beautiful variety of Camellia sasanque boasts abundant blooming and very heavy bud production. In fact, a single branch can produce up to 12 flower buds, ensuring a spectacular display of blooms. ‘Fall Fantasy’ has a fast growth and quick propagation.

Not only does the Camellia ‘Fall Fantasy’ produce an abundance of flowers earlier than usual - starting in autumn into late winter - but it also has an impressive appearance. This variety stands out amongst other Camellia with its double, rose-form, and bright pink flowers. In addition, the flowers are larger than those typically found on Camellia sasanque, adding a touch of grandeur to your garden. Camellia ‘Fall Fantasy’ boasts a dense, upright growth habit, making it an excellent choice for a hedge or screen. Its well-branched structure allows maximum coverage, creating a beautiful and functional barrier.

How to care for Camellia ‘Fall Fantasy’:
Camellia ‘Fall Fantasy’ is hardier than most Camellia sasanque and can withstand colder temperatures and harsher conditions up to USDA 7a-9. ‘Fall Fantasy’ grows up to 200 cm high and has an upright, bushy habit and prefers a spot in sun to partial shade in well-drained soil.

USDA zone: 7a

Key Points

1 Abundant blooming with large flowers
2 Very heavy bud production
3 Fast growing quick to propagate
4 Blooms early than usual
5 Hardier than most Camellia sasanqua
Breeder: David Parks