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Buxus Better Boxwood® Skylight ('HER2009B03') PP32,275

  • Buxus Better Boxwood Skylight
  • Buxus Better Boxwood
  • Buxus Better Boxwood Skylight
  • Buxus Better Boxwood Skylight


Better Boxwood® is the first collection of scientifically bred blight-resistant boxwood varieties in the United States. They are the result of two decades of rigorous selection and testing.

This groundbreaking collection was developed in Europe, a region battling boxwood blight since the early 1990s. The meticulous breeding process was spearheaded by Didier Hermans, a renowned Belgium grower, in collaboration with the Flemish Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research, both of whom are at the forefront of the fight against boxwood blight in Europe.

Skylight is faster growing with medium green leaves. Extremely suitable for balls, in mass plantings and medium hedges. Skylight grows up to 72-96” high and 36-48” wide. Hardy in USDA zones 5–9.

USDA zone:

Key Points

1 Blight-resistant
2 Unique size and form
3 Very hardy
Breeder: Herplant BV