Buddleja alternifolia Unique (‘Pmoore12’) PPAF



Buddleja Unique flowers extremely rich and long. Unique’s branches are covered with masses of graceful, lilac-purple flower panicles. You can enjoy this abundant floral display from early summer throughout autumn. Buddleja alternifolia is also called ‘Fountain Butterfly Bush’. Unique is indeed like a fountain of flowers!Unique has sterile, lightly scented flowers, which attract bees and butterflies. The pastel lilac-purple colour makes a great combination with its fine, silvery green foliage. Unique has an excellent bushy and compact shape. Perfect to use in a container on your balcony or terrace. Also very suitable for shrub borders, landscaping and butterfly gardens. This butterfly bush has a max. size of 47" high and 28" wide. Unique loves a spot in the full sun, in well drained and fertile soil. It’s winter hardy to USDA zone 5b.Unique blooms on new wood, so it’s best to prune after flowering. Then it can produce plenty of new flowers again!

Key Points

Sterile, lilac flowers
Lightly fragrant flowers
Abundant flowering
Prune after flowering to stimulate new growth
Attracts bees & butterflies