Penstemon Pentastic™ Rose (‘YAPROSE’) PP28,053



This fantastic Penstemon Pentastic™ has so much to offer! You can enjoy its lovely rose color throughout the seasons. Penstemon Pentastic™ Rose has large flowers and is reblooming. This Penstemon is not susceptible to diseases and branches very well. You can use it for combined colors when you put 2 or 3 unrooted cuttings of the Penstemon Pentastic™ series together in a plug. The Pentastic™ Penstemon is a wonderful perennial for borders, mixed containers and as a solitary. Plant it in a well-drained soil in the sun. Pinch after flowering for rebloom. Hardy to USDA Zone 7a-10. Penstemon Pentastic™ Rose will grow up to 8-12” tall and 4-6” wide. Check out the other Pentastic™ Penstemon colors as well!

USDA zone: 7a-10b

Key Points

Large flowers
Clean foliage, no diseases
Reblooming, seasonal colors
Compact, basel branching
Duo or trio stick

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