Cistus corbariencis Second Honeymoon (‘Rencis’) PP20,410



Cistus Second Honeymoon has variegated foliage: dark green with a yellow edge. The foliage has hints of orange in autumn en hints op pink in winter. The flower buds are delicately tinted in red. This semi-evergreen flowers with bright white flowers. Second Honeymoon grows to 6” tall and 4” wide and has a mound forming growth habit. Plant Cistus Second Honeymoon in a sunny spot in a fertile and moist soil. Prune in spring. USDA Zone 8-11.

USDA zone: 8a-11b

Key Points

Dark green leaves with yellow edge
Hints of orange in autumn & pink in winter
Flower buds are delicately tinted in red
Sunny spot

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