Agapanthus hybrid Twister (‘AMBIC001’) PP 25,519



You can’t control your feet when you lay your eyes on Agapanthus africanus Twister! Abundant flowering is what characterizes Twister. This new Agapanthus blooms with striking, bicolored flowers which change from blue at the throat to white on the petals’ edges. This combination of rich flowering and its fresh colour give this beauty an energetic and cheerful appearance. Twister also stands out because of its compact habit. It reaches a height of just 28". This makes Twister perfect for container planting on balcony, terrace or patio. Also very suitable for perennial borders or in mixed containers. Twister is hardy to USDA Zone 7a. It performs best in full sun, in a well-drained soil. It’s not just us... Also bees and butterflies can’t sit still when they see this stunning African lily! Let’s do the twist with Agapanthus africanus Twister!

USDA zone: 7a

Key Points

Prolific flowering
Bicolor flowers
Compact habit
Flowering at young age
Low maintenance


Agapanthus hybrid Twister winner of:
  • AGM
    Agapanthus Twister on patio

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