Takao Nursery in Fresno, USA is the exclusive source for liners of Lophomyrtus Magic Dragon. The first mother stock are a fact.

Magic Dragon is a new, compact variety that is excellent for the balcony or terrace. And Magic it is indeed with its varietaged foliage in burgundy, pink and cream. Small, nicely perfumed flowers appear in June-July. Lophomyrtus Magic Dragon is an easy grower and low maintenance. Check out our website for more information.

Apart from Magic, this Lophomyrtus is also a winner. It has achieved a Bronze Medal at Plantarium 2011. After that, it has been trailled in the field where the Royal Dutch Horticultural Society (KVBC) has given it a KVBC Bronze Award as well. So Lophomyrthus does perform well on the long term and under various circumstances. Place your orders now at info@takaonursery.com.