We’re very proud to work with PDSI (Plant Development Services Inc.) to bring some of our new plant introductions to market through their Sunset Western Garden Collection and/or the Southern Living Plant Collection.

A recent addition to the Southern Living Plants Collection is Stellar Ruby Magnolia. Bred by Pat McCracken of McCracken’s Nursery, this Magnolia has a narrow, pyramidal habit, abundant, ruby-colored flowers in the spring (even on young plants) and then reblooms in the summer and fall. HortTube’s Jim Putnum talks with Pat about this Magnolia’s assets including banana scented flowers and a growth habit which requires little pruning if any (can you say maintenance free?).

Another “hot” shrub we have in the Southern Living Plants Collection from McCracken’s includes Sunshine Ligustrum. Learn more about bringing a little Sunshine into your landscape with Southern Living’s Linda Vater.