Read here our latest press release by UpShoot, LLC about the amazing Rosa Dynamite™ BAM!

“If you could only have one plant on your patio, Dynamite™ BAM! rose would be it! This compact, container-friendly rose gives you flowers from spring to fall frost with little to no care. Self-cleaning, no disease issues, and continual flowers!” says Anthony Hoke, owner of Silver Falls Nursery in Salem, Oregon. Silver Falls was the first nursery to receive Rosa Dynamite™ BAM! into the United States, hosting it during its 18 month quarantine upon arrival from Europe. He got to know the plant well before it was allowed on the market.

Rosa Dynamite™ BAM!, a Floribunda type rose with HT-like/intermediate flowers offers growers and consumers the full package of benefits.

All About Rosa Dynamite™ BAM!

Fantastic container performance
Flexibility for use as a flowering hedge, specimen plant, or perennial garden color
Long bloom time
Large, vividly colored crimson flowers
Fast growing and easy to finish for retail

Peter van Rijssen, co-owner of Concept Plants®, says, “We have been looking for rose plants that can be produced on their own roots but also have disease resistance, self-cleaning properties, and proven performance from trialing in different parts of the United States. We chose this one out of over 150 selections. We think it’s dynamite! (Sorry, can’t resist a pun.)”

Details Rosa Dynamite™ BAM! (‘GEUS4310’)

Hardiness: 5-9
Size: 40” tall by 30” wide
Bloom time: Spring through fall
Light: Full sun
Water: Medium
Soil: Well drained, loamy

Experience the Explosion Up Close at Cultivate

Rosa Dynamite™ BAM!
Stop by the Concept Plants®/Plantipp® Booth 3231 at Cultivate to see Rosa Dynamite™ BAM! in person and in bloom. While there, enjoy some rose cinnamon cookies provided by Denise Schreiber, author of Eat Your Roses: …Pansies, Lavender, and 49 Other Delicious Edible Flowers. You can also pick up a recipe card with the cookie recipe and a specialty cocktail recipe developed by Ellen Zachos, The Backyard Forager, and author of The Wildcrafted Cocktail.

To Order Plants

Growers and retailers interested in adding Rosa Dynamite™ BAM! to their programs can find liners and finished plants from Silver Falls Nursery. Contact, Coming spring 2019, consumers can visit Spring Hill Nurseries online to purchase.

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