At IPM, Concept Plants could hand over many, many Plant Patents to the various breeders from all over the world. It was a true plant patent party! For Jos Cammeraat there was the Plant Patent for Veronica Snow Candles (‘Joca128’). Sebastiaan Hoogenraad received the Plant Patent for Physocarpus Angel (‘Hoogi018’) and Little Joker (‘Hoogi021’). The well-known EverColor®-breeder Pat Fitzgerald received the Plant Patent for Carex EverColor® ‘Everlite’ and Carex EverColor® ‘Evercream’. The Plant Patent for Hibiscus Carousel™ Pink Candy (‘Tahi12’) was handed over to Jean Pouillart from Globeplanter and last but not least: Satoki Matsui from Plant Network, Japan, received no less than 6 Plant Patents! These Plant Patents were for Clematis ‘Taiga’, Podocarpus Mood Ring (‘Sosa’) and Roman Candle (‘Miu’), Hydrangea Princess Diana (‘H213’), Hydrangea ‘Inspire’ and Jacaranda Bonsai Blue (‘Sakai01’).


Happy breeders, proud Concept Plants-team!