Concept Plants® has a large group of new plants from different breeders from all over the world.

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I’m a proud grower of high quality plants and want to innovate with new plant varieties. What’s next? Concept Plants® is your source for new plants so let’s get connected!

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I have found or bred a new plant. What’s next?
Concept Plants® is ready to give you advice about what to do & what not to do, so let’s get connected!

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Latest news

December 17, 2021

Important takeover of family business

Kim and Peter, daughter and son of Reinier van Rij...

By Maria Zampini
November 29, 2021

Here, There and Everywhere

November was a most excellent month for coverage o...

By Maria Zampini
October 31, 2021

Dressed to Impress

The Treasure Island Sweet Potatoes continue to imp...

By Maria Zampini
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Get familiar with our 5 Concept Plants key points:

  1. Introducing new varieties of plants
  2. Source for North American market
  3. Our passion is clear & different
  4. Licensing & royalty management
  5. By breeders, for growers & gardeners

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