At Plantarium 2018 there was a special moment for the breeder of the Nepeta Neptune, Kees Jan Kraan. He received the certificate for “Mainstar 2018” from Vitroflora.

The “Mainstar” is awarded annually on the German “Beet-und Balkonpflanzentag” (B&B) at the beginning of July. About 900 varieties of summer flowers and balcony plants, such as Dahlia and Begonia, are planted and evaluated for their fitness for the garden. The highlight of this day, with about 400 national and international visitors, is the presentation of the “Mainstar”. This year the prize went to Nepeta Neptune. Certainly not a typical B&B plant but Neptune is an excellent plant for flower beds and borders. Neptune is also very suitable for the terrace or balcony because of its compactness. Vitroflora did sign up the Nepeta Neptune for the inspection and is happy to share the award with the breeder.