In week 24, at Futuristic during the Flower Trials, Plantipp and Concept Plants will show what the future brings for the plants world. We do that together with AllPlant Young Plants, Decock Plants, Kientzler Jungpflanzen and F.N. Kempen.

Why should you visit? Because this is the event for people who love innovation. If you want to be the first one to know what is coming in 2020, 2021 and even 2022 this is the place to go. You can expect:

  • Never ever seen before perennials, annuals and shrubs
  • Areas where it is FORBIDDEN to take pictures
  • Varieties that will change the current market
  • People that want to book all but can’t
  • Sneak peeks of the various exhibitors

Each exhibitor shows its top 3 at Futuristic. For Plantipp and Concept Plants the highlights of the show are Agastache ‘Crazy Fortune’ with its variegated foliage and masses of purple-blue flowers, Clematis Little Lemons (‘Zo14100’) that has an extraordinary dwarf habit and beautifully bell-shaped flowers and the extremely compact Weigela Picobella Rosa (‘TVP2’) that gives an abundance of flowers.

Of course there is a lot more to see and as a bonus, there is a juice bar with crazy combos which you have never tasted before. Will we see you at Futuristic in week 24 at Flower Trials location F.N. Kempen? Address: Oosterlandweg 45, 3641 PV Mijdrecht.